Distributed Log Deduplication
Kloudfuse Log Management is built on Industry's first patent-pending fully distributed log fingerprinting technology that not only improves the storage efficiency up to 20x, providing unmatched savings, but also powers auto facet extraction, metric derivation, and transactions. All of which is queryable through open standard query languages (LogQL, PromQL) with low latency queries.
Distributed Log Deduplication
Log fingerprinting
Process, store, and search through high-volume logs with high cardinality labels with "log fingerprints" and "dynamic indexes". Log fingerprints achieve distributed deduplication by sieving out static and dynamic parts of log events solely based on several sophisticated heuristics. Each of the static and dynamic part is then stored and indexed appropriately to get high storage efficiency and query performance at the same time.
Auto Facet Extraction
Extract the facets out of the log lines without extra grok patterns or grammar rules and get rich analytics on the extracted facets
Log Derived Metrics
Leverage log-derived metrics in conjunction with the auto-generated facets to create high-dimensional, queryable data from logs for log based analytics.
Log Derived Transactions
Leverage log-derived transactions for additional log-based analytics. Automatic derivation of such transactions proves to be of great value in environments where applications use logs for request tracking.
Open Standard Query Language
Query, analyze, create dashboards and alerts on logs using Open Standard Query Language like LogQL.
20x Storage Efficiency
The distributed log fingerprinting not only improves the storage efficiency by up to 20x, but also powers auto facet extraction, metric derivation, and transactions without compromising on ingestion throughput or query response times.
100x cost reduction
Ingest, store, query logs with minimal infrastrcture hosted within your VPC, but still operationally managed by our control plane.
Cost Analysis
GB of logs ingested /dayCompute CostStorage CostTotal Cost *
* Above Cost is per month and based on GCP node pricing and high ingestion speed for logs lines per core and dedicated cores for high performant log queries and cores for replication of data with 3 months of retention