Kloudfuse was founded by Krishna Yadappanavar, former co-founder of SpringPath, Pankaj Thakkar, former executive at Nicira/VMWare and Ashish Hanwadikar, architect at Cisco. Krishna founded SpringPath and led the company to the acquisition by Cisco in 2017. We recently announced our seed funding, led by the leading investors in Silicon Valley.
Krishna Yadappanavar
Pankaj Thakkar
Ashish Hanwadikar
Chief Architect
In addition to the co-founders, the other founding members of the company have profound experience in building complex distributed databases, hard systems problems and intelligent systems for planet-scale operations and come from leading companies like Amazon, Netflix, Oracle, Cisco, VMWare, Slack and various startups.
Kloudfuse is a well funded startup, backed by top tier investors.