High Cardinality Metrics
Explore and Analyze High Cardinality Metrics from all Sources
Store and explore high cardinality metrics across infrastructure, platform, and applications from any agent or open standard protocols like Prometheus, otel with high ingestion speed, minimal storage footprint, and open standards (promQL, otel) compatible low latency queries.
High Cardinality Metrics
600+ Integrations
Collect data across any cloud services across all major cloud vendors GCP, AWS, Azure, platform components and applications. Out of the box dashboards and recommended alerts across different cloud services and platform components are readily available
Any Agent
We respect your investments, so there's no need to change your existing ingestion agent. Ingest metrics from any agents like prom, otel, or vendor (e.g., DataDog) agents.
Open Standard Query Language
Query, analyze, create dashboards and alerts on metrics using Open Standard Query Language like PromQL. 100% compatibility with respect to Grafana for all metrics exploration and dashboards.
Advanced Analytics
Analyze and dissect your data using advanced analytics functions like Anamoly, Outlier detection and Correlations using the extended promQL.
Easy Onboarding
We emphasize the ease of onboarding as much as we emphasize operations. In addition to investments in ingestion agents, you can keep your investment in the dashboards and alerts for queries with the Kloudfuse onboarding suite - a service to convert artifacts from vendor query language and visualization formats to open standards.
100x cost reduction
Ingest, store, query high cardinality metrics with minimal infrastrcture hosted within your VPC, but still managed by our control plane
Cost Analysis
# of Active SeriesCompute CostStorage CostTotal Cost *
* Above cost is per month and based on GCP node pricing and high ingestion speed per core, low bytes per metric sample with large labels and dedicated cores for high query performance and cores for replication of data with 15 months of retention