High Volume Context Aware APM
End-to-end Distributed Tracing and Service-centric Observability at Scale
Highly context-aware APM powered by distributed tracing with built-in RED metrics, richly augmented service map visualizations, and request flows with high retention of traces and metrics derived from them.
High Volume Context Aware APM
No Sampling Required
Collect, and analyze distributed traces with a long chain of spans in an unsampled way and store them for longer retention. All detailed attributes of the chains of spans for all traces are stored and indexed.
Open Standards Ingestion
Ingest traces in Zipkin, Jaeger, OpenTelemetry, OpenTracing, Datadog and Elastic agent formats, but store in normalized way.
Any Stack Anywhere
APM on hosts, containers, serverless functions using 100+ integrations with third party frameworks, libraries in various languages Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, or C++ applications.
Built-In RED metrics
Kloudfuse APM builds a detailed breakdown of requests, error, latency, throughput, and saturation metrics across all the services, methods, endpoints, edges, and resources along the spans in the traces.
Rich Visualizations
Rich and context-aware service map visualizations, request flow maps, and flame-graphs on the fine-grained spans of past and live traces augmented with the RED metrics provide the highest context troubleshooting experience.
100x cost reduction
Take advantage of the same built-in storage efficiency and ingestion optimization, to store and query traces and metrics associated with them.
Cost Analysis
# of traces/minuteCompute CostStorage CostTotal Cost *
* Cost is per month and based on GCP node pricing and high ingestion speed for spans per core, with minimal bytes per span and dedicated cores for high performant queries and cores for replication of data with 7 days of retention with no Sampling