Unified Observability Platform
Store, Analyze, Automate all high cardinalty observability data.
Industry's first Unified Observability data platform with Schemaless Indexing technology built on top of Open Source Distributed OLAP database. The Kloudfuse platform lets you ingest, store and query all observability streams with minimal resources. The decoupled architecture of the data plane and the control plane gives freedom to store high cardinality data, but SaaS like experience to manage the complete life cycle.
Unified Observability Platform
Unified datastore for all observability streams
Store, index, and analyze all standard observability data like Metrics, Logs, Events, Traces, Alerts, etc., on the Unified Data Platform built on top of OLAP using Schemaless Indexing technology.
Operational Ease
The Kloudfuse platform provides a SaaS like experience by providing an optional control plane to manage the life-cycle of the data plane. Operations are a breeze with Kloudfuse.
Built for modern cloud native applications
Perfect datastore for the High Cardinality data for the next generation cloud-native apps build on top of Kubernetes and Serverless architecture.
Highly Scalable
With decoupled Compute and Storage built on top of Object Storage for cost optimizations, the platform lets you scale both data processing and capacity.
Highly Available
With data highly available across different Availability Zones using built-in replication, the platform is fully resilient to most failure scenarios.
Schemaless Indexing
Purpose-built Indexing to handle high cardinality labels and Fingerprinting based technology to decouple static and dynamic data significantly improves the ingestion & query speed while keeping the storage footprint lowest.
Columnar Storage
Dictionary encoding, Double Delta, and Gorilla encoding coupled with selective compression algorithms for the data stored in Columnar format reduces storage costs while simultaneously improving the query performance.
600+ Integrations
Collect all observability data across cloud services, platform components and applications as our platform has 600+ builtin integrations.
Bring your own agent
Support for Open Source agents like DataDog, Elastic, Filebeat, FluentBit, OpenTelemetry, Prometheus remote write and others.
Bring your own instrumentation
Comprehensive coverage of languages to collect the instrumented information wrt distributed tracing based APM and profiles.