Advanced Insights And Analytics
Generate Intelligent Alerts and RCA faster
Kloudfuse HawkEye automatically watches for anomalies in critical application signals. Upon detection of some anomalous behavior, the BullsEye correlates signals across all observability streams, time, and space for the potential root causes of the anomaly in minutes.
Advanced Insights And Analytics
Auto alerting
Generate intelligent alerts using the state-of-the-art streaming anomaly detection algorithm to detect outliers in Streaming Data.
Statistical/ML based anomalies
Surface anomalies and outliers in various streams of data using advanced statistical and ML-based algorithms like DBSCAN, MAD, and SARIMA.
Correlate across time, space (topology) and data streams
Correlate data across all streams with respect to time and topology so that only relevant data required for the troubleshooting can be surfaced.
Troubleshoot faster with dynamic dashboards
Visualize the required metrics dashboards, correlated Logs, dissected traces for an alert.