Realtime Alerts
Create, observe, analyze different types of Alerts on High Cardinality MELT data
Realtime alert evaluation on low and high cardinality data across all MELT streams with full PromQL/LogQL, and advanced functions like Anomaly and Outliers detections.
Realtime Alerts
Realtime alerting
Create, observe, and analyze alerts in real-time to minimize the time taken for incident detection, troubleshooting, and remediation. The high-performance query evaluation engine ensures that alerts fire in a timely fashion.
Alert on high/low Cardinality Data
Advanced analytics engine makes analysis of alerts very efficient for both high and low cardinality data. The platform supports query evaluation of very large volume of alerts.
Any stream
Create, and analyze alerts for all the streams of observability like Metrics, Logs, Events, and APM. Alerts can be set on metrics derived from logs and distributed traces.
Advanced Alerting
Leverage the advanced analytics functions like Anomaly and Outlier detection for the alerts. This significantly reduces the noise of false alerts and alert fatigue.
Plug n Play with existing workflows
Leverage your existing communication channels like Slack, PagerDuty, Webhook, Email for alert notifications. Various contact points can be added dynamically and maanged in single pane of glass.